Free Lavender Svg SVG Files

Lavender SVG flowers (Lavandula) belong to the family of clear-cut flowers and have a very strong and persistent aroma. Lavender has different names in different countries, such as levanda, lavender and coloured grass. There are about thirty species of this flower. Lavender grows in the Canary Islands, East Africa, Southern Europe, Arabia and India. There are also cultural species that can be seen in all the gardens of the world.

Lavender SVG – description.

Lavender is an evergreen shrub. It grows as a bush 50-60 centimeters high. The stem of the plant is straight, slightly bent on the edges and covered with felt. At the end it has very narrow flowers of light grey shade, which look like spikelets, although the palette of shades can vary from blue to dark purple. In some cases, the size of the shrub may be as large as 2 metres. Lavender is a simple, low-maintenance plant. Its range of application is very wide: from cosmetology, medicine and cooking to interior decoration.

Origin of the name and application of Lavender SVG flowers.

The name “lavender” comes from the Latin version of the word – “lava”, which is translated as “wash”. In the past, people honored this plant and used it for washing and washing. In some countries it was used together with other spicy plants, such as cloves, nutmeg, tea rose, to soothe insomnia and migraines. Mostly lavender is grown for two purposes, one of which is for seasoning and the other for lavender oil production.