Free Laundry SVG Files

Laundry SVG is a laundry service provider for laundry and laundry. Laundry services are usually used by companies and organizations that require a large amount of clean linen – hospitals, hotels, etc. It is located outside the living quarters, unlike the laundry rooms.

Laundry SVG Process stages

Dirty laundry entering the laundry room is going through a process consisting of several stages.


Since different types of laundry require different washing modes, all laundry is sorted and placed in containers with the same type of laundry after it enters the laundry room.

Laundry SVG

Laundry laundry is done in industrial washing machines, which differ from home. The washing machines are controlled by an operator, who schedules the laundry of the various types of laundry and ensures that a sufficient amount of detergents is available.


The rinsing process, in industrial laundries, is included in the washing process. The main task of rinsing is to wash out the remains of detergents from the fibers of tissues. The rinse is tougher than the water used for washing. This is necessary for a better bonding of detergent components.

Water after rinsing can be used to soak the next batch of laundry. This algorithm is used in industrial laundries and is gradually being introduced in commercial laundries in hotels, rest houses and other accommodation facilities.


Drying is a heat and mass transfer process. When hot, heated air removes water from the fibers of the product, taking it with it. Hot, humid air is emitted into the atmosphere.

In modern laundries, drying drums are used to shake cotton laundry after washing and spinning. Then the straight laundry is directed to the ironing.

Drying is carried out on shaped products and straight terry products.


Ironing (drying) is done on specialized dryers with a special drum, where the temperature reaches 170 degrees Celsius and above. The machine dries, irones, and folds the laundry.