Free Ladybug SVG Files

Ladybug SVG is an arthropod insect, which belongs to the group of hard-winged, family of Ladybugs (lat. Coccinellidae).

Ladybug SVG: description, characteristic, photo. How does the insect look like?

The size of the ladybug varies from 4 to 10 mm. The shape of the insect body is almost round or elongated-oval, flat from below and strongly convex from above. Its surface in some species of ladybugs is covered with thin hairs.

In the body structure of the ladybugs there are the head, pronotum, breast consisting of three parts, three pairs of legs, abdomen, and wings with elytra. The insect’s head is small, fixed to the prostomachs and, depending on the species, can be slightly elongated. The eyes of a ladybug are relatively large. Moustaches, consisting of 8-11 segments, have great flexibility.

The pronotum of the insect is convex, transverse, with a cutout at the leading edge. Often there are spots of different shapes on its surface. In contrast to the anterior and middle breasts stretched across the insect’s body, the shape of the posterior breasts resembles an almost perfect square.

God’s calves have a total of 6 legs, which are of moderate length. In the structure of each leg of the insect there are three distinct and one hidden segment. With their help, the insect can move quite quickly on the grass or plant stems. The belly of the ladybugs is made up of five or six members covered by sternites (segmental semi rings) from below.

God’s cows fly by means of two rear wings.

The front wings of the Ladybug SVG have evolved into rigid elytra wings that serve as protection for the main pair while the cows are on the ground.

Cantharidine, a poisonous yellow liquid that has an unpleasant odour, is used as protection against predators, e.g. birds of prey.

In addition, the bright colors of the cow also scares off potential enemies.