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The origin of knighthood dates back to the era of the Great Migration of Peoples – VI – VII centuries. In this era, the power of kings was strengthened: the conquests and the huge prey associated with them sharply raised their authority. With the king, his team members also grew stronger. At first, their exaltation over their tribesmen was relative: they remained free and full-fledged people. Like the ancient Germans, they were both landowners and warriors, involved in tribal administration and legal proceedings. However, near their relatively small plots there were large land holdings of the nobility. Feeling their impunity, tycoons often forcibly took away land and property from weaker neighbors, who were forced to admit to being dependent.

The number of knighthoods in Europe was small. Due to the historical development of Poland and Spain, the number of Knights SVG there was slightly higher, but no more than 10%. However, the role of knighthood in medieval Europe was enormous. The Middle Ages were a time when power decided everything, and power was in the hands of the knighthood. It was the Knights SVG (if this term is considered to be a synonym of the word feudal lord) who also owned the main means of production – land, and it was they who concentrated all the power in medieval society. The number of Knights SVG in the lord’s vassal dependence determined his nobility.

In addition, it is important to note that it was the knightly environment that gave birth to a special type of culture, which became one of the brightest aspects of medieval culture. The ideals of knighthood permeated the entire court life, as well as military conflicts and diplomatic relations, so the study of the peculiarities of knightly ideology is absolutely necessary for understanding all aspects of life in medieval society.

Becoming a knight, the young man underwent the procedure of dedication: his lord hit him with a flat sword on the shoulder, they exchanged a kiss, which symbolized their reciprocity.