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A cat or a pet cat (Latin for Félis silvéstris cátus) is a pet, a mammal of a family of cat predators. From the point of view of the currently accepted biological systematics, a domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus) is a subspecies of a forest cat (Felis silvestris).

Cats were domesticated in ancient times, and benefit man by catching mice and rats. Today, cats inhabit the entire Earth’s territory, except Antarctica and the Arctic.

Kitten SVG Origin and evolution

About 50 million years ago, there was a predatory animal called Dinictis, the ancestor of modern cats.

About 25 million years ago, the evolutionary process saw the appearance of the long-legged animal Pseudaelurus, which has become more catlike.

Among the several species of wild cats that appeared in the evolutionary process and lived about 12 million years ago was the species Felis lunensis, which is also called the wildcat Martelli.

Modern Felidae cats are large and small, highly developed, strong and fast predators designed to hunt and kill.

The Kitten SVG story

The history of cats is very unusual, because it has gone from “deity” to the guise of “witch”. Over the centuries, attitudes have also changed. However, today, few people do not love her.

Eight thousand years ago, people and cats started living together. The main find of archeologists, testifying to this – the jawbone of a cat. It was found in 1993 in the southern part of the island of Cyprus among the remains of the Neolithic layer of Kirikitia. This island was not originally a wildcat habitat. Scientists believe they were the first immigrants to arrive. The cats are supposed to have been domesticated.

Today the Kitten SVG is one of the most popular pets. The very word cat means either a species at all or a female cat. Males are called cats, cats or also cats. A kitten is a cub cat. There are many breeds of cats.

Despite the fact that cats have been domesticated for a long time, they are able to survive in the wild. Cats usually hunt alone, but sometimes form small colonies. They’re smart enough to allow some cats to use the simplest mechanisms (door handle or toilet flush valve). Cats also have a good sense of smell and hearing.