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Cuisine – a selection of dishes, a set of dishes, a variety of cuisine of the people, the country, the region or cookery, due to certain culinary conditions.

High Cuisine SVG

Haute cuisine (Fr. Haute cuisine, Grande cuisine) – the cuisine of “large” establishments, gourmet restaurants and luxury hotels around the world.

It is characterized by careful preparation and thorough presentation of foodstuffs, usually very expensive, and accompanied by rare wines.

Until the 1970s, “High cuisine” was defined by the tradition of classical French cuisine, designed by Auguste Escoffier. At present, high cuisine is not defined by any particular style. It can only be described, for example, as fusion or molecular cuisine or regional cuisine. In this edition, the influential Red Michelin Guide awards the title of “high cuisine” to certain restaurants.

Vegetarian cuisine

Vegetarian cuisine is a cuisine that combines both traditionally vegetarian dishes of different cuisines of the world and adapted versions of initially non-vegetarian dishes. It is characterized primarily by a lack of slaughter food.

The kitchen SVG is also a cooking room.

Kitchen in modern dwellings can not be less than 8 m2 and can be combined with the dining room. According to the design rules, kitchens can be arranged as

  • a niche kitchen of at least 5 m2
  • kitchen-dining room – at least 6 m2

The room, which is called the kitchen, is characterized by the presence of places for storing food and kitchen utensils (cabinets), for storing food at low temperatures – refrigerator, as well as places for primary and subsequent processing (washing, cutting tables) and heat treatment of products (kitchen stove, oven, microwave oven), places for placing ready-made meals and their use.

The kitchen is considered to be summer if it is used only in warm seasons.