Free Kiss SVG Files

Kiss SVG is the touch of the lips to someone or something to express love or respect.

Definition in the Small Academic Dictionary of the Russian language: “A kiss is the touch of the lips to someone else’s lips as an expression of love, caress, greeting, etc.”; from the “Oxford English Dictionary”: “A kiss or a lip touch (while squeezing the lips and then opening them slightly) as a sign of affection and love, or as an act of reverence and reverence; or to express greeting or caress with the help of lips”.

Kisses can be accompanied by hugs. Kissing is the theme of many works of art.

Philematology is a discipline that studies the fundamental physiological and psychological features of human kissing.

Kissing is considered to be a normal manifestation of romantic or other positive feelings not for all human cultures, and in many it is regarded as an uncomfortable or unpleasant way of interaction between people. According to recent scientific research, kisses are the more common the more difficult the society is. Actions similar to human kissing can be observed in chimpanzees and bonobos.

The first kiss is an expression of sympathy or love for another person; a moment filled with a storm of emotion.