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A child is basically a person during childhood. The age limits of childhood differ in different cultures, life cycle theories and legal systems. In general, a child is called a person from birth to the end of puberty. A girl is a female child; a boy is a male child. The section of medicine devoted to children’s health is called pediatrics.

Kids SVG Growing up periods

A child is a constantly growing and developing organism, which has certain morphological, physiological and psychological features at every age stage. There are the following periods of development of the child’s psyche:

  • Newborn period (first four weeks of life – 28 days);
  • Infant age (from the 29th day of life to 1 year);
  • Toddler’s or toddler’s period (from 1 to 3 years);
  • Preschool period (3 to 7 years);
  • Junior school age (7 to 12 years);
  • Adolescent age (13-14 to 17-18 years).