Free Kentucky SVG Files

The berry of this state is blackcurrant and the drink is milk. Kentucky SVG got its name from the Iroquois word kenhtake, which means “meadow” or “prairie. The bluegrass berry, which grows everywhere here, has become the reason for the state’s unofficial nickname, “Bluegrass State. Moreover, one of the five main areas that Kentucky is divided into is also called the Peppermint Region. That’s the variety of symbols and meanings in one bottle!

The history of the state of Kentucky SVG

The name Kentucky comes from the Indian name of the river of the same name, the meaning of which is still controversial. According to one version, the expression means “Dark and bloody hunting territory”. There are also variants of “Tomorrow’s country”, “Land of meadows”, etc. Active development of the territory by Europeans began in the second half of the XVIII century. From 1767 to 1771, it passed through the Appalachian Mountains with the expedition of Daniel Boone. During the Civil War, the state society split up. The state legislature declared loyalty to the Union. Many Kentucky citizens joined the Unionist Army, but many were enlisted in the Confederation Army. In September 1861, Lincoln wrote in a private letter that “the loss of Kentucky would be tantamount to a loss of the entire campaign. The state was in the initial phase of fighting, but from 1862 Kentucky remained in the hands of the Northerners until the end of the war. A new state constitution was adopted in 1891.