Free Karma SVG Files

Karma SVG is one of the central concepts in Indian religions and philosophy, the universal cause-and-effect law, according to which a person’s righteous or sinful actions determine his fate, sufferings or pleasures. Karma underpins the cause-and-effect series, called sansara, and is used mainly to understand connections beyond a single existence. Different Indian religions give slightly different philosophical interpretations of Karma SVG.

The law of Karma SVG implements the consequences of human actions, both positive and negative, and thus makes a person responsible for his life, for all the suffering and enjoyment it brings him. The results, or “fruits of karma”, are called karma-khala. The action of the law of karma covers both past and future human lives. The activity performed by a person in a freed state of moksha does not produce bad or good karma.

The concept of karma has its roots in the early Upanishads, by which all living beings are responsible for their karma – their actions and consequences – and for their liberation from the cycle of birth and death of sansara. A certain role for God as a distributor of karma fruits or as a possessor of power to change an individual’s karma is given to him. In general, followers of Buddhism and most Hindu traditions consider natural cause-and-effect laws as sufficient explanation of the results of karma.

According to another point of view, the competent guru, acting as a representative of God, can at his discretion partially free the student from his karma.