Free Kansas City SVG Files

The large city of the Midwest, located on the border of Missouri and Kansas, is a hospitable and attractive Kansas City SVG, famous for its delicious barbecue and jazz. Kansas City is a beautiful city, with more boulevards than in Paris and more fountains than in any other city in the world (except Rome). In addition, Kansas City is unique in that it shares the border between the two states in half.

Kansas City SVG, like the state of Kansas, got its name after the Kansas River. The name of the river was first mentioned by French cartographers (Grande Riviere des Cansez) back in the early 18th century. In turn, the word “Kansas” in the language of the Sioux Indians means “south wind” or “people of the south wind”. Originally the city was called the City of Kansas. The status of the city was given in 1853, when the total number of inhabitants exceeded 2500 people. The construction of the Hannibal Bridge across Missouri in 1869 contributed to the development of the railway network and led to rapid population growth. In 1889, when the name of the city was changed to modern, the population of Kansas City had already reached 130 thousand people.

Today, the region has a diversified economy. The main sectors are: professional and business services, trade, finance, manufacturing, construction, transport, information, education, medicine. In 2010, the total gross product of the Kansas City metropolitan area was $101 billion. The main employer in the region is the federal government.

Kansas City Entertainment and Sightseeing

Downtown’s central business district is home to many beautiful Art Deco buildings, several mid-century architectural examples and modern glass skyscrapers.

Downtown also houses the American Jazz Museum and the Negro Baseball League Museum. Museums are open: Vt.-sb. 09:00-18:00; Vs. 12:00-18:00, the cost of entrance ticket to each is 10 EUR, a complex ticket to visit both museums will cost 15 EUR. Also of interest in Downtown is the historical district of City Market with many shops and restaurants. There is also a farmers’ market here.

The Union Station, the country’s second-largest railway station with a ceiling of 31 metres, is home to theatres, restaurants and shops and a tourist centre. Among the attractions are the City of Science, the Planetarium and the permanent exhibition of Union Station, dedicated to the history of railway transport through the eyes of man, represented by ancient rolling stock, simulation locomotives and a number of interactive exhibits. The cost of visiting all three sites is 21.95 USD.

It is worth visiting the national museum of the First World War, located in the Freedom Memorial (8 USD) and climbing the 62-meter observation deck of the memorial (4 USD) with a breathtaking view of the city. A complex ticket to visit the museum and observation deck costs 14 USD.

The Plaza area is home to the Country Club Plaza, the country’s first shopping mall designed specifically for car buyers. The block is designed on the model of the Spanish Seville, and on its vast square there is even a copy of the Giralda Tower. In addition, the Plaza area houses the Toy Museum, the Nelson-Atkins Fine Arts Museum with its sculpture garden and the Museum of Modern Art. The cost of entrance ticket to the first museum is 5 USD, visiting the last two museums is free of charge.