Free Joy SVG Files

Joy SVG – an inner feeling of satisfaction, pleasure, cheerful mood and happiness, affectionate treatment.

It is a positive inner motivation of a person. Joy SVG is considered the opposite of sadness, sadness.

Joy SVG can be separated from satisfaction and pleasure and even opposed to it. Joy as a “higher” feeling, as opposed to “soul”-“body” is associated with the soul, and pleasure as just a “feeling, reaction” – with the body. There is the joy of contemplation, the joy of movement, the joy of sadness, the joy of communication, the joy of learning, the joy of beauty, the joy of life, and sometimes associated with the latter unreasonable joy.

Joy is one of the most important cultural concepts in the language picture of the world. Initially, the emotion of joy was expressed through specific notions – things, objects, or events causing positive emotions (food, beauty, holiday, rest): compare Old Russian “splashing” – “applause, triumph, joy” or “jubilation” – initially “to dance, to play”, later “to rejoice”. Joy was associated with pleasure, as well as desire (compare ancient English lusten – “to rejoice” and “to want”), was perceived inseparably from them. With the advent of Christianity in many European languages, the concept of “joy” began to be associated with benevolence, kindness and tranquility.