Free Jasmine SVG Files

Jasmine SVG (lat. Jasminum) – evergreen shrub, which belongs to the department covered with seeds, dicotyledon class, clear-colored order, olive family, genus jasmine.

Jasmine SVG: description, characteristics. How does jasmine look like?

It can be easily distinguished from the rest of its kind: it is an upright or curly shrub with a thin and smooth stem, covered with triple, simple, dark green, unbroken leaves. The stem ends with large flowers of regular shape. Jasmine flowers (umbrellas or single flowers) are collected in shields, which can be lateral or apex depending on the type of plant. The aroma of jasmine is very pleasant and delicate, but in a small room (for example, at home) the smell can become strongly concentrated and lead to headaches.

The crown of a Jasmine SVG flower is long, reminiscent of a narrow tube, inside which there are 2 thin threads, which grow together and turn into a berry – this is the fruit of the plant, but it is strictly forbidden to eat it. The flower can be different in color – white, pink or yellow. The shade directly depends on the type of plant and the area where it grows.

Jasmine SVG is a beautiful ampel plant. With proper care, the lower part of the stem is gradually covered with wood, so the plant is often used as a decorative ornament, which blooms every year and does not need painstaking care.

Jasmine is often confused with the Gortensian chestnut bush. Here is a picture of a chubushniki:

Types and varieties of jasmine, names and photographs.

In nature, there are species and varieties of jasmine, differing in color scale, the structure of the stem, leaves and flowers, as well as the height of shrubs.

The following flowers of this plant are distinguished:

  • white jasmine;
  • yellow jasmine;
  • pink jasmine.