Free Jaguars SVG Files

Jaguar SVG is a predatory animal of the cat family, one of the four representatives of the panther family. Jaguar is the only representative of the family in the American continent. He is the third largest cat in the world and the largest member of the New World cat family.

The length of the body of the jaguar without a tail is 120-180 cm, tail length is 45-75 cm, body weight is 35-120 kg, but the majority of cats weigh 70-110 kg. The record weight was set by a male weighing 158 kg. Females are usually 20% smaller and lighter. Usually an adult male of a large subspecies weighs 90-110 kg, and a female 60-80 kg. The height in the withers is 68 – 81 cm.

The Jaguar area begins in the jungle of Central America and extends to the bogs and jungle of Mato Grosso in Brazil and northern Argentina. The largest Jaguars SVG are found in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso. The animals have been completely destroyed in El Salvador and Uruguay.

Jaguar is mainly found in tropical rainforests and is rarely found in areas covered by xerophytic shrubs. Jaguars SVG can be found in mountain forests up to an altitude of 2 km, and on the coast of the ocean, where a large cat finds and digs out the eggs of turtles.

Previously, jaguar used to live all over the south of the present-day United States. Now the habitat of the jaguar is one third of its original range.