Free Jackal SVG Files

Jackal SVG – an animal that belongs to the class of mammals, a detachment of predators, the family of dogs (dogs), the genus of wolves (Latin Canis).

There are versions of the origin of the Russian word Jackal SVG from the French (chacal), Turkish (cakal), Arabic (checal) or ancient Indian (srgala) name of this animal. In Russia, the word “jackal” and its variant “chicane” (or in some places “chicane”) spread in the beginning of the XIX century.

The jackal has average sizes for the family of dogs. Adults, depending on the species, reach a length of 83 cm to 132 cm, a height of 38 cm to 40 cm. The weight of the Jackal SVG varies from 6.5 to 15 kg. Females are almost equal to males in size. The body structure of the animal resembles a small breedless dog.

The head of jackals is wedge-shaped, not massive. The face is sharp. The length of the skull does not exceed 19 cm. Females have a slightly smaller skull. Its structure indicates that jackals eat mostly small animals. The canines of these representatives of dogs are sharp, large and strong, but subtle. Predatory teeth are suitable for cutting thick skin, but relatively weak. The iris is light or dark brown. Ears are standing, widely spaced, blunted.

The jackal’s tail is about a third of the body length and either reaches the heel or slightly goes beyond it. The animal never raises its tail up, but keeps it in a lowered position.

The Jackal SVG legs are long. The front legs are almost as long as the hind legs. The congested bones on the front legs allow the beast to travel long distances. Jackals, like other dogs, are fingering animals. They have five toes on the front legs and four on the back legs. The thumb is short and does not reach the ground. Jackal claws are short and dull.

Wool of jackals is not long, rough and hard. The longest spun hair is on the back. Yellow, red and brown tones predominate in the coloring of fur, while black tones predominate on the back and tail, depending on the species. There are no gender differences in coloration: both males and females are colored approximately equally.

Jackals have acute hearing, which helps them to detect rodents in tall grasses. The jackal’s voice is a high-tone wailing with swaying and resembles a child’s crying.

Where do Jackal SVG live?

Jackals live in southeast Europe, the Middle East, South Asia and almost all of Africa. They are common in arid steppes, humid forests, mountains and near populated areas. Moving in search of food, they are able to infiltrate new areas where they have never existed before. If in the middle of the 20th century on the European continent jackals occupied the Balkan Peninsula, occasionally entering Romania, Hungary and Moldova, by the beginning of the 21st century they became common in these places and spread even further north: to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and south-western regions of Ukraine. Jackals from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Dagestan settled in Kalmykia, Astrakhan, Rostov and Volgograd regions of Russia. And the trend of promotion of these animals to the north remains. In Asia, jackals are spread throughout the south, occupying the following areas: the Asia Minor Peninsula and the Arabian Peninsula, the Middle East, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, except for their mountainous areas, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan, reaching the borders of Thailand. In the foothills of the Himalayas, according to some sources, they rise to a height of up to 3000 m. The northern boundaries of the Jackal range are in Kazakhstan, where animals living along the Amudarya and Syrdarya rivers climb hundreds of kilometers to the north of the country, reaching almost the Southern Urals and Karaganda. There are four species of jackals in Africa, which occupy almost the entire continent, except for some central and western regions.

Jackals’ favourite habitat is dense, unclimbed thickets. These can be reeds, riparian forests (riparian forests – a type of floodplain forest), consisting of various shrubs, intertwined with climbing plants, or thickets of tall herbs. In such places, the animals set up den den right in the turf of herbs, just in the bushes, without tearing a hole. Jackal hounds located in dense bushes can be connected by a network of paths. In forestless steppe and semi-desert landscapes, jackals settle in natural recesses in the soil or independently dug short holes. Dwelling in the foothills, they usually rise no higher than 1000 meters from sea level. Often, jackals are located not far from populated areas, and sometimes even within them. The presence of water bodies on whose shores one can find food is often a determining factor, such as in the Caucasus, where jackals are found mainly in lowlands, thorny blackberry thickets and reeds around bogs, where many migratory waterfowl winter.