Free Hyena SVG Files

Hyena SVG is a wild mammal that belongs to the placental infraclass, a group of predatory, catlike, and hyena family (Latin: Hyaenidae).

The Latin name of the family was formed from two words of the ancient Greek language “ὕαινα” and “ὗς”, meaning pig or wild boar. In Russian, the word “hyena” entered as a free reading of the international name of the family. It is noteworthy that both masculine and feminine individuals are referred to one name, referring to the only number of feminine species.

Despite the fact that hyenas belong to the subgroup of cats, they look more like dogs. These are quite large animals, whose body length together with the tail can reach 190 cm. The maximum weight of a hyena does not exceed 80 kg. The predator’s body is powerful and muscular, significantly enlarged in the thoracic area and more narrowed in the sacral part. Due to the fact that the hind, slightly curved limbs are slightly shorter than the front, the back of the hyenas is sloping, descending from the shoulder region to the sacral part. The hind legs look thin and rather weak, especially in the hip area. Almost all species (except for the ground wolf) have 4 fingers each with blunt, long, loose claws on the front and hind legs. Front extremities of earth wolves are five-finged. Under the fingers of hyenas there are convex finger pads, which the animal steps on when walking. The fingers themselves are connected by a dense, thick and elastic membrane that reaches the pads.

In addition to the sloping back, the characteristic feature of the hyena is a massive, thick head with a short thickened face. The neck of the animals is quite short and wide. Powerful jaws allow crushing the thickest bones of the victim due to the special structure of the hyena skull and large teeth of special shape.

The body of the Hyena SVG is covered with shaggy coarse wool, dyed yellowish-gray or brown. Undercoat is poorly developed or absent. On the neck and on the ridge almost all over the back the coat is longer and looks like a mane. Fur color is not uniform: often the skin of the Hyena SVG is covered with blurry spots or rather clear dark stripes, both throughout the body and only on the feet. The tail of the Hyena SVG is short and shaggy.

Animals communicate with each other by screaming, barking, growling or “laughing” sounds. By the way, hyenas laugh very unusually: their laughter, or laughter, is very similar to human. Mostly, laughing sounds are characteristic of spotted hyenas.