Free Hummingbird SVG Files

The smallest bird in the world is the Hummingbird SVG, a bird from the hummingbird family, a group of hummingbird species.  In Latin it sounds like Trochilidae.

Interesting facts about hummingbirds.

Not for nothing these birds were given such nicknames as “topaz hummingbird”, “flying ruby”, “emerald neck”, “fire topaz”. Hummingbird feathers are compared to gems: when the sun rays hit, their feathers sparkle with fairy tides. In addition, it is the only bird in the world that can fly backwards, that is, backwards and sideways.

How does a Hummingbird SVG look like?

The size of Hummingbird SVG does not exceed 5 cm, and the weight of hummingbird is 1.6-1.8 grams. These are really the smallest birds in the world. But among them there are also larger representatives, such as the giant hummingbird. Its size is truly “giant” – the weight of 20 grams, and the body length of some individuals reaches 21.6 cm!

How many strokes does a hummingbird make per second?

Hummingbirds SVG differ from other birds not only in small size. Their colored plumage pleases the eye, and the speed with which they wave their wings, really surprises: as long as a person blinks, this little bird will have time to wave its wings dozens of times. Small hummingbirds make 80-100 wings per second, large species make 8-10 wings per second. The wings of the hummingbird’s wings are so fast that these birds can hang over the flower while pulling the nectar with their beaks.

The flight of hummingbirds resembles the flight of a butterfly, and unlike all other birds, hummingbirds can fly in the opposite direction. At the same time the speed of hummingbird reaches 80 km/h. However, flights are not easy for them and take a lot of energy. In order to perform such a colossal job for their bodies, the heart of hummingbird accelerates to 1200 beats per minute, while at rest it makes only 500 beats.

Kolibri – descriptions.

Hummingbird’s beak is long and thin, its upper part surrounds the lower part with edges. The base of the beak does not have the bristles typical of most birds, and these birds have a bifurcated tongue. The wings of hummingbirds, the smallest birds in the world, are sharp, represented by 9-10 fly feathers and 6 short small ones, which are almost completely hidden under the covering feathers. The legs of birds are weak, very small, with long claws. Since they are unsuitable for walking, most of the time hummingbird’s feet are in the air.

The colibria have bright plumage and the males are brighter than the females. Some species have ferrets or unusual coloration on the head. Tailings of different species can have a variety of shapes and consist mainly of 10 feathers. Of all the species, only a few are able to sing, but mostly the hummingbird’s voice resembles a slight tweeting.