Free Horse SVG Files

Horses SVG are mammals, ungulates, horses and horses. Male horses are called stallions, female horses are called mare. The word horse is either a stallion or a castrated stallion – merina.

Types of Horses SVG.

The Horse SVG is divided into several subspecies, including zoologists distinguish a wild horse, domestic horse, Przewalski’s horse, kiang, kulan, wild donkey, donkey, donkey, mountain zebra, desert zebra, burchell zebra. However, this classification is still under discussion. Surprisingly, all these varieties have the ability to cross between themselves, giving quite viable and healthy offspring. The only problem is that some mixtures are no longer capable of childbearing and remain sterile.

Horse SVG is a slender, graceful animal with a strong muscular structure and strong constitution. The body is rounded with long slender legs on the wrists of which there are calloused cones of keratinous thickening on the inner side. On the elegant muscular neck is a large, elongated head. Despite the impressive size of the skull, the horse’s brain is relatively small, which in no way affects the high intelligence of the animal. The head is crowned with pointed, moving ears. On the face there are a couple of big expressive eyes and quite wide large nostrils.

Horses have excellent hearing, sight and sense of smell. The horse’s body covers the hair, the length and stiffness of which varies depending on the location: the bangs, mane and tail have long and silky hair, while the torso is protected by shorter and harder wool. The colour of the cover determines the horse’s suit, and the intensity of the colouring can change with age.