Free Hibiscus SVG Files

Hibiscus SVG is a blooming shrub, which is very much loved by gardeners and landscape designers for its beautiful, bright flowers.

Hibiscus SVG Appearance

Hibiscus SVG is characterized by a wide variety of species, so its appearance can be very different. It may be a small tree or a herbaceous plant, but most hibiscus is a branchy bush with brightly coloured flowers. The flower of herbaceous hibiscus reaches as much as 30 cm in diameter.

The seeds of the plant ripen in small boxes, which are sometimes covered with pile.

Hibiscus is distributed in Europe, Africa, North and South America, tropical and subtropical countries. On the territory of Russia, the greatest number of species of this plant grows in the Caucasus mountains, in the Far East and in the Crimea. Hibiscus can also be found in CIS countries, including Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Hibiscus SVG Views

Botanical literature provides information on many different types of hibiscus. In total, scientists number from 150 to 300 species of this shrub. They’re the most famous of them:

Hemp – annual, low grass, used for the production of technical textiles;

Chinese evergreen shrub with very large, pink or red inflorescences;

Rosella is a shrub with white or pink flowers, the fruits of which are used for making carcade tea and confectionery;

Syrian is a tall bush, characterized by a large variety of flower colours;

Troychaty- herbaceous plant, distinguished by its leaf structure and pale yellow, with purple middle inflorescences.