Free Hedgehog SVG Files

Hedgehog SVG is an animal that belongs to the type of chord, mammal class, a group of blackheads, and the family of hedgehogs.

The body length of the Hedgehog SVG, depending on the species, ranges from 10 to 44 cm. The weight of the hedgehog varies from 300 grams to 1.5 kilograms. The animal also has a tail that grows from 1 to 21 cm long.

The animals have a large wedge-shaped head and an elongated face with a pointed, moving and moist nose.

The teeth of the hedgehog are small and sharp, there are 20 teeth on the upper jaw and 16 on the lower jaw. Some hedgehogs have up to 44 teeth. The first incisors are enlarged and look like fangs.

The hind legs are longer than the front legs, each limb ends with 5 fingers, with the exception of the white-belly hedgehog, whose hind legs have 4 fingers.

Long middle fingers help clean needles.

The Hedgehog SVG spikelets are hollow, with thin, rare, barely visible hairs between them. The head and belly of the animal are covered in normal wool. On average, each hedgehog wears up to 10 thousand needles, which are gradually updated.

The colour of most needles is dark, with intermittent light stripes. The dyeing of hedgehog wool can be black-brown, brown, sandy or white, depending on the type. In some places, the black color displaces the white color, forming a kind of spots.

Most species of hedgehogs are characterized by well-developed subcutaneous muscles. During danger, the Hedgehog SVG curls into a ball, and this is done with the help of subcutaneous muscles located in the areas where the thorns grow.

Like most nocturnal animals, the eyesight of hedgehogs is weak, but the hearing and sense of smell are well developed.

It is difficult to call these animals fast, the average speed of a runaway hedgehog is 3-4 km/h. Despite the fact that the hedgehog is a land animal, most species are excellent swimmers and climbers.