Free Healthy SVG Files

Healthy SVG lifestyle is a way of life aimed at preserving health, preventing disease and strengthening the human body as a whole.

Representatives of the philosophical and sociological direction consider healthy lifestyle as a global social problem, an integral part of the life of society as a whole, although the very concept of “healthy lifestyle” is not yet clearly defined.

In the psychological and pedagogical direction, Healthy SVG lifestyle is considered from the point of view of consciousness, human psyche, motivation. There are other points of view (for example, medical and biological), but there is no sharp distinction between them, as they are aimed at solving one problem – strengthening the health of the individual.

Healthy SVG lifestyle is a prerequisite for the development of different aspects of human life, achievement of active longevity and full performance of social functions, for active participation in labor, social, family and leisure forms of life. A healthy lifestyle appears as a specific form of reasonable human activity – activities aimed at preserving, strengthening and improving one’s health.

Relevance of a healthy lifestyle is caused by the increase and change in the nature of loads on the human body due to the complexity of public life, increased risks of man-made, environmental, psychological, political and military nature, provoking negative changes in health.