Free Hare SVG Files

Hare SVG – an animal that belongs to the class of mammals, a detachment of hares, family hares, the genus of hares (lat. Lepus). Contrary to popular belief, they are not rodents and are far from being so harmless. In case of danger, they show aggressiveness and resist the attacker. Since ancient times, the hare has been a welcome trophy for hunters because of its tasty meat and warm fur.

Applicant – description, characteristic, appearance. How does the hare look like?

The body of the Hare SVG is slender, slightly compressed from the sides, its length in some species reaches 68-70 cm. The weight of a hare can exceed 7 kg. A characteristic feature of hare-shaped hares are wedge-shaped ears that reach a length of 9 to 15 cm. Thanks to the ears of the hare’s ears, the hearing of the hare is much better than the sense of smell and sight. Rear extremities of these mammals have long feet and are more developed than the front ones. In case of a threat, the hare speed can reach 80 km/h. And the ability to suddenly change the running direction and jump sharply aside allows these animals to get rid of the persecution of enemies: wolf, foxes, owls, etc. Rabbits run well up the slopes, but have to go down the cobblestone.

The color of the Hare SVG depends on the season. In summer the fur of the animal has a reddish-gray, brown or brown hue. Because of the dark color of the undercoat color is uneven with large and small “pesters. The fur on the belly is white. Rabbits change their color in winter, their fur turns lighter, but only the white hare becomes completely snow-white. The tips of the ears of all members of the family remain black all year round.

The average life expectancy of males does not exceed 5 years, females – 9 years, but there are recorded cases of a longer life expectancy of a Hare SVG – about 12-14 years.

The genus of hares is diverse and includes 10 subgenera, divided into several species.