Free Happy Birthday SVG Files

Birthday SVG is a special day in every person’s life. And not only a specific person, but also his parents, his relatives, then friends and his own children.

Because the birth of a new life must be a joy. Although we perceive this day differently in our lives. In our childhood we do not suspect about it, then we wait with great impatience, constantly ordering new gifts to parents and changing our wishes, then suddenly we begin to realize that it is not so pleasant to become a year older than in childhood and even suddenly we stop celebrating this holiday and attach importance to it. So, another birthday party…

And when did people start celebrating their Birthday SVG at all, as a holiday? Are there any special traditions in different countries? What are the signs associated with this day?

And that’s not all the questions that might be interesting to answer.

Actually, birthday is your personal New Year’s Eve. Some kind of reference point. And that’s when the most intimate desires come true. And all the rules that we are trying to follow on December 31 this day are just as valid, even more so. Why is that? (Laughs) Because on New Year’s Eve everybody speaks and thinks about their wishes, moreover, we try to have time to enumerate them in the minute when the chimes are beaten or some other countdown is going on, in each country.

How can those who are responsible for fulfilling our desires somewhere up there hear everyone at once, not forgetting anything and not confusing anything?

And Birthday SVG is the day when our Guardian Angel and all those who can help us fulfill our hopes, including those who have passed away, are listening to our desires. And you can make them all day long. All this day we can dream in the hope that our dreams will come true.

That is why it is considered right to celebrate a holiday day by day. Many people know that it is not worth celebrating in advance, but they often postpone the meeting of guests and the celebration itself until the next weekend. And the loved ones who have left us, who would be happy to help us in our earthly lives, can “come down” to learn all our innermost desires. So if you can’t celebrate your birthday on a day, you need to have at least a little party with your family, it matters.