Free Handmade SVG Files

Most people have hobbies, but not many can spend enough time on it. This is primarily due to the forced daily going to some work, where you need to earn money for a living.

Handmade SVG Decorations

Any homemade jewelry and accessories are in fashion today. Handicrafts for interiors, bracelets, pendants, earrings and pendants, amulets and mandalas for the house, wedding decorations or Christmas decorations, paintings (e.g. from colored sand or grain).

Woollen roll

Toys, costume jewellery, shoes, jewellery and many other things are made of wool. Merino wool is used more often for laying, as it is easier to work with.

Dry and wet manufacturing method is used. The first method uses a special needle, and the second method is done with soap. Both options are easy to learn, even for beginners.

Homemade candles

This type of private business requires a minimum of costs. You’re gonna need paraffin or wax. Colour is given by dyes or wax pencils. And you might also need forms. If you intend to make scented candles, there will be various essential oils to help you.

Chocolate and Handmade SVG Sweets

Lovers of culinary products and sweets will be perfectly suited for making sweets and chocolate figures. Such delicacies are in great demand among lovers of exclusive confectionery. It’s easy to make them, there are recipes on the Internet.

Hand knitting

Hand knitting products are very expensive, so it is profitable for knitters to sell things or jewelry tied with spokes, hook or other methods.

In addition to clothing, knitting is also used to decorate postcards, caskets and other things. Beautifully look knitted bags, rugs, stands for hotter. Knitwear for newborns – booties, blouses, hats – are very valuable. Soft knitted toys look nice.