Free Hamburger SVG Files

A hamburger SVG is a kind of sandwich consisting of a chopped fried cutlet served inside a cut bun. In addition to meat, the hamburger SVG can have a large number of different fillers, such as: ketchup and mayonnaise, zucchini slice, salad leaves (Lactuca sativa), pickled cucumber, raw or fried onions, tomatoes.


The name of the hamburger SVG originally comes from the name of Germany’s second largest city, Hamburg, from where many emigrated to America. In German, the word “hamburger” can be a descriptive noun, i.e., a Hamburg noun or an adjective that describes something from Hamburg.

In 1921, the White Castle company was opened in Kansas, a specialty of which was the burgers of that time. The steady price (5 cents until 1946) and curiosity attracted customers, and doubts about the safety of the product were dispelled as a result of the tricky move of the company’s owner, Billy Ingram (when specially hired people in white robes gave the impression that even doctors bought burgers). In the late 1940s, the White Castle company began to have competitors, the most serious of which was McDonald’s – the fast food industry began to develop.

On September 3, 2010, cooks from the Serbian town of Leskovac prepared the world’s largest hamburger, using 51 kilograms of minced meat to prepare a giant cutlet with a diameter of 1.63 meters and a thickness of 2.5 centimeters. One of the local bakeries baked a 29-kilogram bun for a sandwich.