Free Gym SVG Files

Gym SVG- specially equipped room, including equipment, and designed for training, sports games, sports or physical education.

Gymnasiums are located in almost all secondary and higher education institutions around the world. They are equipped with both stationary and collapsible sports equipment, which allows transforming them into a volleyball or basketball court.

Gym SVG History

First appeared in Europe, Russia and the United States in the 19th century. In Germany, one of the first halls opened in 1852, when the first sites across the ocean were built in Cincinnati, St. Louis and New York. As a rule, they were built by sports organizations. With the popularization of physical education, they were joined by educational institutions. Their appearance was caused by the fact that climatic conditions are not favorable for outdoor sports in many countries for the most part of the year, while indoor sports can be practiced regardless of the whims of the weather.

In the 20th century, specialized gyms are equipped with various bodybuilding machines (their convenience in targeting muscle groups and individual muscles), which are installed on a stationary basis; as a rule, they are smaller in size than traditional gyms.

The general trend of the second half of the XX century is the saturation of gyms with fitness equipment that imitate running (treadmill), cycling, skiing. Gyms become unsuitable for collective sports games due to their size and saturation of sports equipment, but they are organized closer to the place of residence and are open in most cases almost without weekends.