Free Guacamole SVG Files

Guacamole SVG is considered to be a Mexican dish, as it is the country in which it is found. Traditionally, cornmeal chips are added to the dish, although they can be replaced with ordinary or even bread products. Guacamole is perfect for any meal as a sauce, especially Mexican cuisine. Guacamole SVG (the recipe for a classic dish is presented below), can be prepared in various ways, but as a standard there will always be an avocado, lime or lemon juice.

You’re gonna need these products:

3-4 avocadoes;

  • 3-4 avocadoes;
  • one lime or one lemon;
  • one shallot bow;
  • one chili pepper;
  • a bunch of greenery (coriander or parsley);
  • some olive oil;
  • salt and pepper are to taste.

Now cooking:

  • Prepare and rinse the food.
  • The avocado cuts in half, the bone is removed. It’s done with a spoon or a knife.
  • Then, in a separate cup, the tropical fruit pulp is kneaded to a porridge state.
  • Add 1 pod of shredded pepper to the mass.
  • Grind the herbs and add them to the bowl.
  • The avocado cup squeezes out lime or lemon juice right into the cup.
  • Finally, olive oil is added.
  • The sauce mixes well.