Free Grinch SVG Files

Grinch SVG is an anthropomorphic green character created by Dr. Seuss and the main character of his children’s book “How Grinch stole Christmas” in 1957.

Grinch SVG is a humanoid covered with green wool, living in solitude on top of a mountain, from where he watches the cheerful inhabitants of the fairytale town of Ktograd. He despises the Christmas season and the pre-holiday bustle; moreover, he is irritated by the happiness of others, because Grinch himself enjoys what spoils people’s mood. However, Grinch does not feel alone at all, thanks to Max, his pet dog. On Christmas Eve, dressed as Santa Claus, he makes his way into the homes of the people of Catograd to steal their festive decorations and gifts.

In all sorts of drawings he is depicted as a cruel and evil character. Both in the animated series and in the 2000 feature film, Grinch SVG demonstrates his inhuman strength when he stops the sled, loaded with gifts, and raises them above his head and flies over the mountain. He is also characterized as “possessing the power of ten Grinches and two more “in times of crisis”.

Along with his not festive mood, accompanied by the transformation of the character in Christmas morning, critics celebrated the resemblance of Grinch and Ebenezer Scrooge from the story of Charles Dickens “Christmas Song” in 1843. Cardiologist David Cass even suggested that the rapidly growing heart of Grinch at the end of the story points to the general physiology of the character with Burmese python.