Free Grapes SVG Files

Grape SVG is a plant that belongs to the flower department, dicotyledon class, grape order, grape family, grape genus. Grape fruits are bunches of sweet berries.

Description of Grapes SVG.

Grape SVG vines are grape shoots. In the first year after germination, grape seeds give small shoots. The grapes do not start to produce fruit until 4 years after the planting of the seed. Such a long period is necessary, because the bush is formed by gradual trimming to the minimum number of shoots.

Grape flowers are small, collected in a complex brush or broom. Grape fruit has different shapes and colors due to different varieties: colors can be light-salad, pinkish-violet, blue, almost black. The shape of the grapes may resemble small beads, balls or ovals. A distinction is made between seedless grape varieties (without seeds) and grape varieties with seeds. Together, the fruits of the plant form a bunch. The length of the bunch of grapes is small – up to 10 cm, medium – 10-20 cm, large – over 25 cm.

Types of Grape SVG.

The Vitis genus includes 78 grape species. The genus itself is divided into 2 subgenera:

  • Euvitis Planch
  • Muscadinia Planch

Euvitis is represented by 75 species, which, taking into account botanical and anatomical factors, as well as their distribution areas, are divided into 3 groups:


It includes only 1 type of grapes Vitis vinifera L, which is divided into 2 subspecies, which gave a large number of varieties.

North American

It includes 28 grape species, among which the most famous are Vitis rupestris, Vitis riparia and Vitis labrusca.

East Asian

It includes 44 poorly studied species. The most widespread of them is the Amur grape.

Grape SVG varieties

Grape varieties can be divided into the following groups:

Red grapes, in which the following varieties can be distinguished:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon;
  • Muscat red;
  • Merlot;
  • Pinot Noir;
  • Syrah (Shiraz);
  • Cabernet Fran;
  • Nebbiolo;
  • Zinfandel;
  • Pinotage.
  • White grapes, the main varieties of which:
  • Laura (Flora);
  • Arcadia;
  • Kesha;
  • Chardonnay;
  • Muscat white;
  • Sauvignon Blanc;
  • Shenen Blanc;
  • Viura.
  • Rose grapes, represented by varieties:
  • Original;
  • Taifi Pink;
  • Transformation;
  • Gurzufsky Pink.
  • Black grapes, its main varieties:
  • Voskorg Cherniy;
  • Codreanca;
  • Devichy;
  • Black grapes of Kishmish;
  • Autumn black.