Free Grandchildren SVG Files

A Grandson SVG is the son of a son or daughter, a cousin is the son of a nephew or niece. Granddaughter SVG – the daughter of a son or daughter, a cousin – the daughter of a nephew or niece.

Grandsons have certain rights and duties towards grandparents, both parental and maternal. Thus, minors who are in need of or unable to work are entitled to receive material support (alimony) from a well-to-do grandparent, provided that they cannot receive it from their parents. In turn, grandchildren with sufficient means are obliged to provide for grandparents in the event of their disability and need, if they are unable to obtain material support from their spouses or children. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren, grandparents have the right to inherit from each other. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren inherit by law after grandfather (grandmother), if at the time of the opening of the inheritance the parent who would have been the heir is not alive, and they inherit equally in the proportion that would have been due to their deceased father’s inheritance by law. The grandfather and grandmother on the father’s and mother’s side inherit after grandchildren among other heirs of the second order.