Free Graduation SVG Files

Graduation party (also graduation ceremony) – Graduation SVG ceremony. Graduation evenings are usually held at schools, colleges, and universities. The ceremony is usually divided into two parts: the official ceremony and the ceremony. On the official part of the ceremony, graduates are presented with certificates or diplomas. The solemn part is related to the traditions of a particular institution and is often based on an entertainment program.

In the U.S., the Graduation SVG date is usually indicated as a degree day in school calendars and is also associated with the student’s transition to a new level of education. Similar ceremonies are held in higher education institutions after students complete their bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The most famous tradition at U.S. college graduation parties is tossing academic caps into the air.

Often graduation ceremonies begin with demonstrations and speeches, followed by graduation ceremonies, at the end of which students are declared alumni. The marches usually take place under Edward Elgar’s Pompeznyi and ceremonial march #1.