Free Goldfish SVG Files

Goldfish SVG (Latin: Carassius auratus) is an artificially bred freshwater fish species from the species of carcasses. It belongs to the class of rayfish, a group of carps, and a family of carps.

Goldfish SVG – description, characteristic, structure.

Goldfish SVG is a fish with elongated, compressed from the sides or a short rounded body. All species are characterized by large gill lids, hard notches on the first rays forming fins, and pharyngeal teeth. The size of goldfish scales depends on breed variations and can be large or small, up to complete absence in some areas.

The color of goldfish varies widely: it can be red-gold, pale pink, dark bronze, fire red, yellow, black with a blue hue, and so on. However, one peculiarity remains: the abdomen color is always slightly lighter than the main color.

The shape and size of the side fins, as well as the tail of the goldfish are different. They can be small bifurcated, quite long and developing, as if a light veil, or have another bizarre shape. Eyes of goldfish may have typical size and structure, typical for all fish, but some species they have different degrees of bulge.

The length of the aquarium Goldfish SVG is unlikely to exceed 15 centimeters, although in special ponds the size of fish often reach 45 centimeters without taking into account the tail.

Life expectancy of Goldfish SVG depends on the shape of the body. Goldfish with short rounded bodies live 13-15 years, fish with a long flattened body live about 40 years.