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Gold (Au from Latin Aurum) – element 11 of the group (according to the outdated classification – a side subgroup of the first group), the sixth period of the periodic system of chemical elements, with the atomic number 79. Simple substance Gold SVG is a noble yellow metal.

Gold SVG Physical properties

Pure gold is a soft yellow metal. The reddish shade of some products made of gold, for example, coins, give impurity of other metals, in particular copper. In thin films, gold shines green. Gold has high thermal conductivity and low electrical resistance.

Gold is a very heavy metal: the density of pure gold is 19.32 g/cm³ (a ball of pure gold with a diameter of 46.237 mm has a mass of 1 kg). Among metals, it ranks seventh after osmium, iridium, platinum, rhenium, neptunium and plutonium in terms of density. Tungsten (19.25 grams in one cubic centimetre) has a density comparable to gold.

The high density of gold makes it easier to mine, so that even simple processes such as sluice washing can ensure a high degree of gold recovery from the washed rock.

Gold is a very soft metal: hardness according to Mohs scale ~2.5, according to Brinell 220-250 MPa (comparable to the hardness of a nail).