Free Glove SVG Files

Gloves SVG are clothes for hands, unlike gloves, with compartments for each finger.

Made of leather, rubber, fabric and other materials.

Glove SVG still existed in ancient Egypt, where they were a symbol of high standing. The oldest gloves were found in the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen. Originally they were made without finger covers, i.e. as mittens, and they were used to protect hands during meals and archery. In the Middle Ages, knight’s armor necessarily included gloves; first they were an extension of the sleeves of the ringlet, then began to be made separately. When latent armor appeared, a latte plate protecting the brush and fingers was attached to the ring glove from the back of the brush. Special gloves made of thick leather, with wide legs, were worn during falconry.

The role of the Glove SVG was also symbolic, and they performed a certain social function as a sign of difference. In the Middle Ages, the gloves, along with an amethyst ring and a special staff, were handed over to the person appointed to the post of bishop as a sign of his power. Ladies gave the gentlemen a glove as a sign of love; such a gift was usually attached to the headdress, the soldiers were given gloves when they were knighted. It is well known that gloves were used to summon people to a fight (the expression “to throw a glove” still exists in many European languages, including Russian). However, greeting someone without taking off their gloves was considered indecent. In the church it was also supposed to take off the gloves (such a rule is still in place in Catholic churches today).

In the XII century, first in Italy and then in France, workshops of artisans and gloves were established, whose craft has become very honorable, and gloves – a luxury item.

In the XIV century, the glove lengthened to the elbow, and for the first time in 1566, the English Queen Elizabeth I appeared in such gloves at a reception in Oxford.