Free Glitter SVG Files

Glitter SVG – colorful decorative, finely chopped and crumbly sequins. Glitter SVG is often used in cosmetics to create extravagant or festive make-up and is also applied to nails as part of nail art. Glitter particles are visible to the naked eye on the skin and give it an active shine, like sequins, which perform the same function, used on clothing and accessories.

Before using the glitter, the skin is treated with a special oily base, e.g. with cream eye shadows. The glitter is then applied to the treated area with a dry brush.

One of the trends of 2015 in Instagram was the photos with hashtag #glitterbeard, in which men pose with glitter on their beards.

Glitter is also widely used in printing. Glitter sizes of 50 and 200 microns are used for printing in various shades, such as gold, silver, purple, turquoise, ruby red, green and others. Varnishes with glitter added to them are also called glitter varnishes.

In late 2017, New Zealand ecologist Trishia Farrelli, who is studying the impact of plastic on the environment, called for a ban on the production of glitter – similar to the law that prohibits manufacturers in the United States and the United Kingdom from using plastic microballs in cosmetics and hygiene products.