Free Giraffe SVG Files

The Giraffe SVG is a rather colorful and unusual animal, belonging to the class of mammals, a detachment of ruminant hoofed animals, a family of giraffes, a sort of giraffes.

Description of the giraffe, appearance, characteristics.

The Giraffe SVG is the tallest animal in the world. The height (height) of the giraffe reaches 5.5 – 6.1 meters, one third of which falls on his famous neck. The weight of the male giraffe can vary from 500 kg to 1900 kg, and the heart weighs as much as 12 kg: in a minute about 60 liters of blood passes through its valves, and the pressure inside the blood vessels is 3 times higher than the standard pressure of the average person. Due to the high blood density, even a sudden change of giraffe head position does not lead to deterioration of the animal’s condition. Despite its impressive length, the giraffe’s neck meets the standard mammalian characteristics of 7 cervical vertebrae, each of which reaches a length of 25 cm. The main neck vein is designed with special closing valves to ensure that the blood is evenly distributed at the same pressure.

The Giraffe SVG has a rather interesting tongue: dark, almost brown, long and very muscular, it allows the animal to grab tree branches at high altitudes, rising to 40-45 cm. With such a long tongue, giraffes can even clean their own ears.

Attention and color of the giraffe: the pattern of spots on the skin is absolutely unique and individual, as fingerprints of a person, and never repeated in two individuals. The head of both the male and female giraffe is decorated with a pair of woollen horns, large eyes in a frame of long eyelashes and small ears crown the elongated giraffe head.

Despite their thin legs in relation to the overall size, these mammals run well (giraffe speed is 60 km/h) and jump well over barriers over 1.5 meters high. However, the tallest animal in the world can only move actively on a hard surface – the soil is marshy and the river giraffe avoids.

The Giraffe SVG bent his long legs underneath him, taking one of them aside, and then bending his head on a roll, puts his head on a groove. Giraffes can also sleep standing up.

The dream doesn’t last long: during the night, the giraffe gets back on its feet to drink or eat something. The mammal doesn’t need hours of sleep – a giraffe only needs 10 minutes to 2 hours of sleep a day.