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We offer eight tips for beginner gardeners to help them succeed

1. How do you see your garden? A playground for children, a garden or a sea of flowers?

It is impossible to achieve everything at once. So limit yourself to your desires and needs, at least at the beginning. It will take time to create your own “paradise corner”. Before you get down to work, think about which areas you would like to build your garden – recreation areas, playgrounds, flower beds.

2. If you are the lucky owner of a country house or house with a plot, do not rush in the first season. Your new plot may have had plants from the previous owner. Many plants are perennial, they can bloom for years to come. Other areas may need to be excavated and rehabilitated.

3. How much work can you do on your own?

This is a question of the right balance of time, knowledge and money. It is the dream of many gardeners to make the plot look good with their own hands. And someone prefers to hire professionals: garden and landscape designers. But certainly you will not be left without advice and help at all. After all, you can always turn to your neighbors

4. What climatic conditions do you live in?

Even in one country there can be several different climate zones. First, you should ask your local garden centre or nursery for advice. They know everything about the climate, the soil, the needs of the plants. Buying plants without prior consultation with specialists can be very expensive.

5. Height, time and colour.

There are three simple things to consider when creating a flower bed: height, time and colour. Make sure that you choose varieties that have a flowering period that partially coincides with the flowering time of your garden. Use colours that match each other. Make sure that tall plants do not block low ones.

6. High quality will pay off

Of course, you can always find cheap tools and inexpensive plant varieties in supermarkets. But plants will not bloom magnificently on depleted, nutrient-poor soils. Garden tools have to serve you for more than one season. Buy quality tools and materials! Better buy less expensive, good quality tools than cheaper ones; good tools last much longer.

7. Share with friends and neighbors

You don’t have to have your own lawnmower or cultivator for everyone around you. Ask your neighbors for tools or buy them together at a cost sharing arrangement, which will allow you to make a better investment (and buy high quality tools!). You can exchange seeds and bulbs with friends and neighbours, share tips and strategies with them, and help each other (e.g., help move heavy objects). And don’t forget to invite your friends and neighbors to a garden party as a token of your gratitude!

8. Useful tools for a beginner gardener:

  • A shovel for digging
  • Rake
  • Lawnmower
  • Secateurs
  • Snitchcutter
  • Watering hose and sprinklers