Free Fun SVG Files

Fun SVG is one of the emotions, a cheerful mood, which is expressed in laughter, aimless movements, general mobility (exclamations, clapping hands, etc.).

Laughter begins with inhalation, followed by short spasmodic contractions of the chest, chestbelly and abdominal muscles, laughter causes the whole body to lean back and shake, the mouth is wide open, the lip corners are pulled back and up due to the action of large cheekbones, the upper lip is raised, the face and the whole head are poured with blood, the circular eye muscles are convulsively reduced. The nose seems to be shortened, the eyes shine, tears come out of a lot of laughter.

An expression of cheerful mood can arise as an unconditional reflex – due to the body’s organic sensations. Children and young people often laugh without any reason due to the positive tone of the organic sensations, indicating the well-being of the body. Young, healthy people often have a pleasant smell and a slight smile. Not only do external stimuli evoke a reaction of Fun SVG and joy, but the corresponding ideas find their expression in the reflex of laughter.