Free Fries SVG Files

French Fries SVG are slices of potatoes fried in large quantities of hot vegetable oil (deep-fried) or on animal fat. Egg white is used less frequently as a fryer. As a rule, it is made in a special appliance – a fryer, but also sometimes in an oven or an air grill.

French Fries SVG are popular dishes served in fast food establishments (e.g. McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC). Served warm, soft or crispy. It’s usually an appetizer. Baking baked potatoes requires less or no oil.

In Poland, a mixture of french fries and countryside potatoes in mayonnaise, called brooch pelns, is known.

Fries SVG Preparation

French Fries SVG are prepared with the first peeling and cut into even strips. They are then wiped or soaked in cold water to remove surface starch and dried thoroughly. They can then be fried in one or two steps. Chefs usually agree that the method with two baths gives the best results. Potatoes that are fresh from under the ground may be too high in water, resulting in raw fries, so preference is given to rations that have been in storage for some time.

In the two-stage method, the first stage, sometimes called blanching, consists of immersing the potatoes in a container with hot fat (about 160 °C). The container must be prepared in advance. The potatoes are then roasted more quickly at around 190 °C to make them crispy on the outside. It is then placed in a colander or on a cloth for drying and pickling.

The exact duration of both baths depends on the size of the potatoes. For example, for 2-3 mm strips, the first bath takes about 3 minutes and the second one takes a few seconds.

There are several options for making french fries. Fryer is a method in which liquid oil is used when immersed in hot fat. Vacuum fryer is the process of creating low quality fries that contain more sugar than normal fries.