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Fresno SVG is a city in the United States, California. The center of Fresno County. Located in the California Central Valley.

The population in 2015 is estimated at 520159, making the city the fifth largest city in California.

The city is the cultural and economic center of the second largest urban agglomeration of the California Valley, with a population of 1,002,284 inhabitants.

Fresno SVG Demography

According to the 2010 U.S. population census, the population was 494665. Population density is 4,404.5 persons per square kilometre.

In the city of 171288 houses, the average density is 588.9 per km². 49.1% of the houses are occupied by homeowners (47.6% of the population), and 50.9% of the houses are occupied by rented housing with 50.6% of the population. Percentage of empty houses 2.6%

As of 2000, the median income per household in the city was $32236, while the family income was $35892. Men have an average income of $32279 and women $26551. The average per capita income is $15010. 20.5 per cent of families, or 26.2 per cent of the population, were below the poverty line, including 36.5 per cent of young people under the age of 18 and 10.7 per cent of adults over 65.