Free Frankenstein SVG Files

Frankenstein SVG: or, The Modern Prometheus – epistolary gothic novel by English writer Mary Shelley, first published anonymously in 1818.

The book tells about the life and work of the scientist Victor Frankenstein, who managed to understand the mystery of the origin of life and learn to revive lifeless matter. Frankenstein SVG creates an artificial man from body parts, but later renounces his brainchild. A nameless monster hated by people for being ugly is starting to chase its creator. The novel “Frankenstein” combines the elements inherent in Gothic novels, romantic literature in general and science fiction, the writer Brian Oldiss proclaimed it the first truly science fiction work, because in “Frankenstein” to create the monster is used exactly scientific methods.

The first sketch of the novel was written by Shelley in 1816 during a vacation at Villa Diodati in Switzerland in the company of Percy Bishi Shelley, George Byron and John Polidori. At Byron’s suggestion, all of the company’s participants were engaged in writing “scary” stories; in addition to Frankenstein SVG, the result of this idea was also a story by Polidori “Vampire”. The name “Frankenstein” Shelley borrowed from the German castle Frankenstein, where in the XVII century, worked alchemist Johann Conrad Dippel, who became one of the prototypes of the protagonist of the novel. Since 1910, many fantastic films have been made based on the novel. The most famous screen adaptation of 1931 with Boris Carloff as a monster.