Free Fox SVG Files

The Fox SVG is a predatory mammal and belongs to a group of predatory dogs. The Latin name of the fox family seems to have come from a distorted word: Latin “lupus” and German “Wolf”, translated as “wolf”. In the Old Slavonic language, the adjective “foxy” corresponded to the definition of yellowish, reddish and yellowish-orange color, typical for the color of the widespread common fox.

Depending on the species, the size of the Fox SVG varies from 18 cm (for a feneck) to 90 cm, and the weight of the fox varies from 0.7 kg (for a feneck) to 10 kg. The foxes have a characteristic ancestral feature – a slender elongated torso with rather short limbs, a slightly elongated face and tail.

The fluffy tail of a fox serves as a stabilizer during running, and in winter cold it is used for additional protection against frost.

The length of a fox’s tail depends on the species. It reaches 20-30 cm with a fanek. The tail length of a fox is 40-60 cm.

Foxes SVG rely more on touch and smell than on vision. They have a sensitive sense of smell and excellent hearing.

Their ears are rather large, triangular, slightly elongated, with a sharp peak. The biggest ears are in the phoenix (up to 15 cm high) and the big-eared fox (up to 13 cm high).

The vision of the animals adapted to the nightlife allows the species to react well to movement, but the eye structure of the fox with vertical pupils is not adapted to the recognition of flowers.

The fox has a total of 42 teeth, except for the big-eared fox, which grows 48 teeth.

The thickness and length of the hair of these predators depends on the season and climatic conditions. In winter and in areas with severe weather conditions, fox fur becomes dense and lush, while in summer the lushness and length of wool decreases.

The color of a Fox SVG can be sandy, red, yellowish, brown with black or white marks. Some types of fur can be almost white or black and brown. In the northern latitudes, foxes are larger and lighter, in southern countries foxes are duller and the size of the animal is smaller.

If the victim is persecuted or in case of danger, the fox can reach speeds of up to 50 km/h. During the marriage period, foxes can make barking noises.

Life expectancy of foxes in vivo ranges from 3 to 10 years, but the fox lives in captivity up to 25 years of age.