Free Food SVG Files

Food SVG – what they eat, what they eat – is any substance suitable for food and drinking organisms to replenish energy reserves and necessary ingredients for the normal flow of chemical reactions of metabolism: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Nutrients enter the living organism, where they are assimilated by the cells in order to generate and accumulate energy, maintain vital functions, as well as to ensure growth processes and maturation. Usually the food is divided into vegetable and animal by origin. With regard to the nutrition of domesticated animals, the concept of feed is common and usable. The field of human activity related to cooking is called cooking (cooking).

The main purpose of Food SVG – to be a source of energy, renewable materials and “building material” for the body, however, important in human nutrition is also a factor of pleasure (satisfaction of hunger) from food.

Historically, people have been meeting their food needs in several basic ways: hunting, gathering and agricultural production. Today, most of the world’s food needs are met by the food industry.