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Illusionism, sometimes called magic (or Focus SVG), is a form of performing art characterized by the use of dexterity, tricks or special equipment to create the illusion of disturbing the familiar physical properties of well-known objects. The name comes from the French word “illusionner” – “mislead”.

An illusionist (magician, fakir) is an artist who demonstrates magic tricks based on certain physical and psychological phenomena and subconscious errors, as opposed to a magician-manipulator whose magic effect is based solely on dexterity.

Focus SVG History

The art of illusion goes back to ancient times, when the techniques and techniques of manipulation of people’s consciousness began to be used not only to control them (shamans, priests and leaders), but also for entertainment (fakirs).

In the Middle Ages, professional artists appeared at the fairs – puppeteers, magicians using various mechanisms, card magicians (cheaters).

In the second half of the 18th century, Wolfgang von Kempelen’s “Turk”, based on the “illusion”, gained wide popularity – the public did not know that a strong chess player was hidden in this chess machine. At the end of the XIX century Harry Houdini became famous, creating ideas for many illusion devices.

In the XX century, illusionists work in the circus, on the stage, teaching the art of illusionism. Artists create a show based on complex physical effects, use electromagnets, microwave radiation, etc.