Free Fly SVG Files

Fly SVG is a two-winged insect of the arthropod type, an insect class and a group of two-winged insects.

Fly SVG – description and characterisation.

The length of the fly’s body may vary from a few millimetres to 2 cm. The insect has a pair of webbed wings, a rather large head endowed with a mouth organ – a trunk designed to suck liquid food. The fly’s body consists of three parts: the head, abdomen and chest, ending in three pairs of legs. Each leg of a fly is divided into five parts. One part is the foot, with two sharp claws and sticky pads. This feature allows the fly to move abruptly across the ceiling and any vertical surfaces.

Fly SVG eyes are a unique organ. Thanks to several thousand hexagonal facets, the fly has a circular field of vision, so its huge eyes can easily see everything that happens from the side and even from behind. The organ of the sense of smell is the antennae, which are able to recognize smells at a great distance.

Where do flies live?

Flies live on all continents except Antarctica, close to animal dens and human dwellings.  This thermophilic insect cannot tolerate minus temperatures: already at +8 eggs of flies die.