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To be fit – in a broader sense – is the overall physical Fitness SVG of the human body.

Fitness SVG Directions

Steppe-aerobics is a kind of aerobics with the use of a special steppe-platform, which allows you to perform basic movements, along with steps and jumps on it and through it in different directions. Step-aerobics is ideal for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and arthritis, as well as for strengthening leg muscles and recovery from knee injuries.

Fitness SVG skating on roller skates. Vigorous skating on roller skates burns more calories than running (on average 374 calories in run against 425 on rollers in 30 minutes). The load on the joints and spine when riding on rollers is several times less.

Aqua-aerobics is a kind of fitness that provides for the performance of physical exercises in the water under the accompaniment of music and combines the loads on all major groups of human muscles, which determines the high efficiency of exercise.

Pump-aerobics – strength training with the use of mini-bars “barbell”. At the classes of pamp aerobics all the exercises are performed at a high pace to the music. Dance elements are excluded, instead of them different presses, tilts, squats are used. All muscle groups are studied during these exercises.

BOSU is a relatively new kind of fitness (it’s history since 1999). Got its name from the sports projectile “BOSU balance trainer”, a form resembling half a rubber ball (hemisphere). The name of this type of inventory was given to it by the acronym “BOth Sides Up”, which means “application of both sides”. This sports projectile can be used on both sides: hemisphere up or down. Exercises are performed on an unstable surface, which is very effective. The BOSU lesson resembles a steppe-aerobics – a lot of similar exercises, but there is no complex choreography on them, because, performing this or that movement, it is also necessary to work on preservation of balance.

Stomach dance – he’s working on the press.

Callanetics is one of the commercial areas of fitness. Callanetics exercises are based on the asanas of yoga and static loads alternating with muscle stretching.

Nordic walking, literally – Walking with sticks (Finnish sauvakävely, from sauva – “stick” and kävely – “walking”, “walking”, “walking”) – a kind of physical activity that uses a certain method of exercise and walking technique with specially designed sticks. At the end of the 1990s it became popular all over the world. There are also the names “Nordic Walking”, “Finnish Walking”, “Nordic Walking”.

Crossfit – a set of fitness exercises developed more than 20 years ago by former gymnast Greg Glassman (USA) and opened in 2001 in California (USA) his first room for cross-fitting. Initially, crossfit was used for physical training of firefighters, but soon gained popularity. Crossfit is divided into “PE” (for most people) and “competitive” (for elite athletes, professional athletes). The training includes elements of high intensity interval training, weightlifting, track and field athletics, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, weightlifting and other sports and physical activities. “Our specialty is not to specialize,” says Greg Glassmann. Crossfit is practiced by members of more than ten thousand specialized halls (called “boxes”), half of which are located in the United States.

Fitball aerobics – Powerful exercises and stretching exercises are performed using a large inflatable fitball. This type of aerobics strengthens muscles, develops movement coordination and flexibility, improves posture.

Slide-aerobics – a complex of exercises with athletic orientation using a special mat with a sliding surface – slide-boards. Most of the exercises are reminiscent of skating movements and are aimed at the development of lower body muscles, as well as overall stamina, balance and coordination. Slide aerobics is the optimal aerobics for women who want to get rid of extra pounds in their hips.

Pilates – the direction of mental fitness, a system of physical exercises, developed by Joseph Pilates, and named after him, is a complex of smooth movements aimed at improving the flexibility of the body, strengthening individual muscles and the body as a whole. Not only large superficial muscles, but also shallow deep muscles, i.e. those that require a special approach and specific training, work during the lesson. In addition to the purely health-improving direction, Pilates is a restorative remedy after various traumas – in particular, spinal injuries.

Fitness SVG yoga – the integration of ancient gymnastics and a healthy lifestyle, from a modern point of view. Lessons are mainly reduced to correct posture execution and general body training.

Fitbox combines aerobics and Thai boxing. To the rhythmic music and maintaining a high tempo, the athlete strikes at the boxing pear – thus, during the exercises both hands and legs are used.

Zumba-aerobics is a complex of dancing movements on the basis of basic steps. It strengthens the muscles of the lower body, stimulates the work of the cardiovascular system, improves the coordination of movements and posture, burns excess calories and, consequently, excess weight.

Stretching – a complex of exercises aimed at stretching muscle tissue, which leads to increased elasticity and relieve tension from the muscle groups under study.