Free Fishing SVG Files

Fishing SVG is an activity of fish extracting from a water body for the purpose of feeding or just for fun.

Fishing is divided into amateur and sports. Unlike fishing, fishing is entertainment, leisure, recreation, tourism and sports.

Types of Fishing SVG

You know, Fishing SVG:

Bby season: summer, winter;

On the spot: sea, freshwater (river, lake);

From the boat, from the ice, on the underwater hunting, from the shore, from entering the water (on mountain rivers);

For the equipment used: floating (including sbrulino), bottom (including feeder, methodic), spinning, overfishing, venturing, stockade (prohibited by law), archery (archery), chekmar;

With the removal of fish from their habitat or return to the water body on the principle of “caught and released”;

On the object of fishing: crucian carp, carp, yaze, sazan, pike-perch, pike, flax, whitefish, bream, gudgeon, bleak, Siberian taimen, baikal omul, salmon, catfish, grayling, that is, predatory, semi-predatory, herbivorous (not predatory) species, etc.

The last difference is the main one: catching peaceful (white) fish or catching predatory fish.

Cucanets and cages are used for storing and transporting caught fish. For convenient fish withdrawal from the water use podskachki.