Free Fish SVG Files

Fish SVG is a paraffiletic group (according to the modern treasure classification) of aquatic vertebrates. An extensive group of jaw mouths, which are characterized by gill breathing at all stages of postembryonic development of the body. Fish live in both salty and fresh water, from deep oceanic depressions to mountain streams. Fish play an important role in most aquatic ecosystems as part of food chains. Many species of fish are used for human consumption and are therefore of great commercial importance.

The size of modern Fish SVG varies from 7.9 mm (Paedocypris progenetica) to 20 m (whale shark).

Goldfish (Latin: Carassius auratus) is an artificially bred freshwater fish species from the species of carcasses. It belongs to the class of rayfish, a group of carps, and a family of carps.

The Latin name for this species was given to it by its ancestor, the silver crucian carp, who gave birth to a beautiful golden color with a red hue. The Russian name of the goldfish comes from the colouring of the scales of aquarium inhabitants, the diminutive and caressing form of the word “fish” and, perhaps, from the rather expensive cost of the first bred specimens.