Free Firefly SVG Files

Fireflies SVG are insects that belong to a group of hard-winged (or beetles), a group of heterogeneous beetles, a family of fireflies (Lampyridae).

Fireflies got their name from the fact that their eggs, larvae and adults are able to glow. The oldest written mention of fireflies is in the Japanese collection of poetry of the end of VIII century.

Firefly SVG – description

Fireflies are small insects between 4 mm and 3 cm in size. Most of them have a flattened elongated body, covered with hairs, and a structure typical of all beetles, in which they stand out:

4 wings, the upper two of which turned into elytrae, punctured and sometimes with rib marks;

A moving head decorated with large facet eyes, fully or partially covered by the pronotum;

Thread-shaped, combed or saw-shaped antennae, consisting of 11 segments;

mouth apparatus of gnawing type (more often it is observed in larvae and females; in adult males it is reduced).