Free Firefighter SVG Files

Firefighter SVG – an employee of the professional fire department, a staff unit of the fire truck, fire train. In the intervals between exits, it can be used to extinguish fires as a daylight (in the garage, in the utility rooms, at the facade of the fire department building), post or sentinel. Currently, the concept is used as a collective representative of the firefighting personnel (fire inspector, fire prevention specialist, etc.).

A voluntary Firefighter SVG, unlike a professional firefighter, is not a firefighter or a firefighter, but a natural person who is a member or participant of a public association of firefighters and takes part, on a gratuitous basis, in the prevention and (or) firefighting and rescue operations.

Young firefighters are the participants of the All-Russian Children’s and Youth Social Movement “Young Firefighter”.

Extinguishing fires in the mine workings are engaged in rescuers. Both firefighters and rescuers can carry out rescue operations related to extinguishing fires.